Deciding on what type of paint you should use for different spaces in your home is a little more complicated than looks and color. Here are three tips to liven up three different living spaces in your home without compromising cleanliness or durability.

Bathroom Paint

Deciding on what type of bathroom paint to use is a bit of a challenge for some people, but the decision is actually rather simple. Due to the bathroom being a rather moist and wet room by nature, you need to consider a paint that moisture will not easily penetrate. As far as cleaning goes, it is best to opt for a paint that allows you to wipe down the walls easily. The best type of paint for the bathroom is a Latex enamel-based paint. These paints tend to be glossy in finish, and easily wipe down for cleaning.

Garage Paint

Similar to bathroom paint, garage paints need to be difficult for moisture to penetrate since this is an outdoor space that is not usually climate-controlled. Latex paint is the right paint for this job since it dries faster, is low in odor, and you can thin it with water rather than paint thinner in order to stretch its capabilities. As far as color goes for a garage space, most people stick with white, gray, or neutral colors to get the job done. This is probably the least fancy place in your house, so there is no need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a pretty paint color here. Experiment to find the best paint colors to use on your garage walls to get the right look you are looking for.

Kitchen Paint

Kitchen paint can go two ways: either you are a clean and neat family of adults who don’t make a mess in the kitchen or you have kids who are constantly touching your walls while they are eating. For the first scenario, you can stick to a latex-based paint in semi-gloss, eggshell, or matte textures. Semi-gloss is the easiest to clean, while matte is pretty difficult (but not impossible) to clean. If you are the messy family, then it is safer to stick with a latex gloss of semi-gloss paint in your kitchen as these are easy to clean. Choose colors that are light and bright for your kitchen.

Now you know what to look for when choosing paint for your bathrooms, kitchen, and garage space. Stay away from matte paint when painting your bathrooms and kitchen for easy cleaning, and choose neutral colors for your garage. Be bold, have fun, and enjoy paint shopping.

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