Painting the exterior can transform a building from old and tired to new and eye-catching. Whether it’s a home, garage, barn, or shed, painting the outside can bring back pride and beauty to your building. Outdoor painting can be tricky, so here are four things you should consider when painting the exterior of your house.


Consider Your Material


The surface that you’re painting on can entirely change how you go about the job. According to Absolute Steel, metal surfaces absorb heat from direct sunlight very quickly, making them hot to the touch even on a cool day. This will make the paint dry instantly, sometimes even before it has come off the brush. This results in the paint flaking off and not lasting long. You can find paints made specifically for hot surfaces to avoid this. You also will need different kinds of paint for wood versus for brick, so make sure you get the right kind for your building to ensure that the finish is professional looking.


Check the Weather


It might seem simple but make sure you know what the weather will be like before you begin. If rain or storms are predicted you need to make sure you are not still painting when it comes. Rain would mean you need to stop in the middle of the job and can affect the paint if it is not dry yet. You may be able to paint after it has rained but that depends on how much rain got onto the exterior.


Pressure Wash Your Exterior


Having dirt, dust, or debris on your walls when you paint them can entirely ruin the paint job. According to Pressure Washers Direct, it’s important to make sure that your exterior is entirely clean before you begin painting. Pressure washing is a great way to do that. You will probably want to pressure wash the exterior two days before you intend to paint to ensure that it is completely dry.


Cover Your Windows, Doors, and Lights


When painting it is likely that it won’t be precise enough to avoid getting on fixtures that you want to keep clean. You need to cover these fixtures, such as lights, doors, and windows, with plastic sheeting and tape. Wait until the paint dries completely before you remove the covering.


Painting an exterior can be a pain, but we are here to help you. Following these tips will help to make sure you can get your house painted without too much of a headache.