commercial painting contractors nj

We started this commercial painting project back in March, it was a completely empty shell of a building that just had the sheetrock hung and was now ready to be primed. This building was built to house hundreds of high end cars, work on them, and detail them. It even has a car wash inside. This building has very high ceilings, almost like a warehouse. We brought in the scissor lift for this project.


We started by covering all the windows and other areas to protect them from spray. Then we spray primed the entire building, all three floors using almost 140 gallons of primer. Once this was done we had to wait for the trim to be installed. Upon installation we prepped and caulked all the trim. After the trim was completely prepped we gave the walls two final coats. The stairs and garage doors all were being painted a special bronze color which we used a DTM (direct to metal) paint.

The project turned out really nicely, its a beautiful building and will be the home of a great business. The business, Shedlock plans to open in September. Stop by and check the place out, its really impressive. The guys at Shedlock are great guys as well. Thanks to them and Benjamin Moore for making this job possible. If you have a commercial painting project and are need the best commercial painting contractors nj has to offer, give us a call 908-432-8503.