Assisted living facility before and after painting


We do a lot of work with retirement facilities and hotels. Both of these facilities have one thing in common, they both use a lot of wall paper/wall coverings. Wall covering offer a much more durable surface, one that won’t need to be touched up if someone bumps up against it accidentally. These facilities tend to be quite large and sometimes have hundreds of rooms, can you imagine everything was painted instead of wall coverings? These facilities would need a full time paint crew just for touch ups and they would be repainting rooms and common areas quite frequently. But just like anything else, these wall coverings become outdated and worn over time, and need to be replaced.


There are still a lot of surfaces that are painted as well. The trim and ceilings are all painted and sometimes the lower half of the chair rail tends to be painted. We recently completed a project that involved removing the old wall covering and installing new wall coverings, as well as painting the trim and ceilings. This type of work requires a specific skill set, which is why we have two types of painters, residential painters and commercial painters.


Our commercial painters nj have been specifically trained in this type or work, and perform it on a daily basis. Below is an outline of the process we recently used to freshen up this lobby area.




First step was to remove all the wall paper. We spray the walls with a product called DIF or use a steamer and start peeling the paper off the wall. Once the paper is removed, the remaining glue needs to be scrubbed off the walls. After the glue has been completely removed, we spackle the glaring imperfections on the wall and then sand it smooth. Upon completion, we prime the walls to get them ready for the application of new paper. Once walls are primed, we use a special adhesive the creates a solid bond between the walls and the new wall covering. Finally we install the new wall coverings. Once the wall coverings were installed, we painted the trim and the ceiling, leaving the room looking fresh and unique.


If you need a good, reliable commercial painting contractor nj, give us a call. We’ll come meet with you and discuss your project. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote that includes all labor and materials and go over your specific timeline and requirements for the job. To learn more about some of our commercial painting services, check out our website


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