Perhaps you’re squinting through tired eyes as you read this because  you tossed and turned last night—you’re definitely not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that a third of American adults aren’t sleeping enough. It’s recommended that the average adult gets about 7 hours of sleep each night.  So if you’re missing that mark, you may want to change the color of your room. Getting more zzz’s could be a paint job away.

Creating a Restful Sleep Environment

The National Sleep Foundation outlines tips for creating a restful environment in the bedroom by tapping into all of your senses—from touch, sound, and even smell. According to their research, three-quarters of respondents found that they sleep better when their sheets have a fresh scent.

Your sense of sight is no less important. What you see before you close your eyes is vital for quality sleep. Keeping your room free of clutter and the lighting dark can all help create a bedroom sanctuary.  When it comes to color, the Sleep Foundation recommends choosing soothing colors because research has shown that colors can affect your mood, but warns that such effects are highly personal and vary from person to person.

Choosing a Color for Your Bedroom Paint Job

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A popular color choice for the bedroom has long been blue, and it turns out there is a good reason. A study by Travelodge found that people sleeping in blue rooms report to  getting about 7 hours of sleep each night—that’s right on target. Other colors that were found to be restful included shades of green, orange, yellow, gray, and beige. The reasons why color can affect our sleep is because some can have calming effects, while others can even increase blood pressure.

Principles of Feng Shui, a Chinese-originated belief that your environment feeds your energy, direct people to colors like light blues, greens, and pinks for peaceful restful colors or yin colors. Other colors, or yang colors that are more vibrant,  may spark passion, which won’t necessarily bring you more shut-eye.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when you are trying to get more sleep, but painting your bedroom can definitely help. When picking out a color, it’s best to use your personal barometer. If you find that a color brings out feelings of serenity and calm in you, then it might be a good one for your bedroom walls.

Once you’ve chosen a sleep-worthy hue, get in contact with the team at Ridge Painting Company. We make painting your home a stress-free process—so you can get the rest you need.  

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