Do you have a bedroom that causes stress more than it helps you relax? If you do, you’re not alone. Stressful rooms are a common problem, and the design of your bedroom definitely plays a role in how well you sleep. In order to get your best night’s sleep, here are three helpful tips for making your room a peaceful sanctuary.


1.Paint your room


Neutral colors should be your go-to for creating a relaxing environment. Some great color choices are pale blues, greys, and creams. These color palettes produce soothing effects. Bright and warm colors are amazing for other areas of your home, but the purpose of your bedroom is for sleep and you want to make sure you create a calm environment. The goal is to style your room in a way that makes you want to crawl in bed as soon as you walk in and Ridge Painting Company will make sure you feel relaxed and at ease in your bedroom.

If you want a pop of color, consider using one or two decorative pillows along with neutral ones. Rugs are another great option for adding color.  As long as you stick with a calm pallette, it is easy to incorporate your favorite colors subtly in the bedroom.


2. Evaluate your bed


Many people do not want to splurge on bedding; however, your mattress is not something to skimp on. The average lifespan of a traditional innerspring mattress is seven to eight years. Your mattress might look okay on the outside, but it may be dying on the inside. Dr. Dominique of Alpine Chiropractic said 20-30% of patients report waking up in chronic pain relate the issue to a poor mattress. Not purchasing a quality mattress can cause serious health issues. It’s worth the extra money for better sleep and overall health.


3. Clear out the clutter


Have you ever walked in your room and felt more stressed than you did before you walked in? This is the opposite of how you want to feel to get your best night’s sleep. Studies have shown that clutter causes stress. Of all the things that cause daily stress, the very last thing that should is your bedroom. Take a day and remove the clutter and get organized. Your mind and body will thank you.

Bonus tip: Minimize outside disruptions by hanging up blackout curtains to block light sources and use a white noise machine to mask loud sounds in the night.

Quality sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. These three tips are a start to creating a room that you will not only love, but is better for your overall health.


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