Perhaps you’re feeling as though some of the rooms in your home are too dark. No one likes a shadowy, hidden room, at least, when you’re looking to host or gather family in one place. Luckily, there are several solutions to this problem that don’t involve adding additional lighting or lamps. Here are just a few ideas for how you can brighten up a room without having to spend money on your electric bill.

Select Bright Colors

The most common way to lighten a room is to paint it a brighter color. You can go with a white in order to increase the reflectivity from your walls. Another solution would be to paint the walls a lighter color. There are lots of colors to choose from if you have an aversion to leaving the room white. Select a paint color that has a reflectivity index of greater than 80 in order to get the best results. Leave the ceiling white so that it can reflect some of the light back down into the room. If you are afraid of messing up the corners going DIY, Ridge Painting can accommodate any paint type you choose.

Focus On Natural Light Solutions

Increase the amount of natural light in your room. Consider enlarging the windows or adding a set of French doors. According to, “French doors were born in the Renaissance Period and were initially considered windows that reached the floor. They became popular because they let more natural light in before the era of electricity.” This will not only increase the brightness level in the room, but give it a more open feel. Open up your curtains so you can let more light into the room. If you’re concerned about privacy, look into adding sheer curtains so you can still maintain some level of it without sacrificing your natural light.

Lighten Your Floors

Dark hardwood floors may be popular, but they’re working against you if your rooms are already on the darker side. It may be time to replace or refinish your flooring material. If this solution isn’t feasible, consider adding a lighter area rug. This will essentially mask the fact that you have darker flooring. You don’t have to sacrifice style when you select an area rug. Just be mindful of what percentage of the rug is darker in nature.

Choose Airy Materials

For a bedroom, choose bedding material that is lighter. This can create a feeling of openness and an airy quality to the room. For living spaces, consider putting slipcovers over your darker pieces of furniture. This will have the same effect as in a bedroom. Don’t pack the room with furniture because this can give the appearance that it’s cluttered and darker.

Use several techniques above to help lighten your dark rooms. All of the little things will make a difference. You don’t have to leave the lights on in order to have a bright room.


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