Renovating your home gives you the opportunity to make changes that have a lasting impact and can even add value to the space. Some of the updates you make could result in a sizable increase in property value, while others may promote energy efficiency or offer other substantial benefits. If you are preparing to renovate your home soon, these are some excellent projects to include in your efforts.


Update Your Doors and Windows

Windows and exterior doors are unique features because they affect the look of both the interior and exterior of the home. In addition, they play a critical role in energy efficiency. In some cases, you may find credits or rebates that can help you to make these updates at a fraction of the cost. When you have new windows installed, Houston Window Experts recommend checking if the company has AAMA certified installers. Remember that new doors and windows could also increase your property value and make it more appealing to a buyer when you decide to sell the home so this is often a worthwhile investment for the future.


Dress Up the Curb Appeal

You may not think landscaping has a large impact on property value. After all, landscaping requires regular care and upkeep and seems to always be changing. However, remember that many landscaping features are permanent, such as stone flowerbed borders, a flagstone pathway, and other features. Investing in a sprinkler system may also add value, and it can decrease your regular yard maintenance activities. Gorgeous curb appeal can bolster pride of ownership, and it can help you to sell the property more easily. You can always schedule landscaping services to help you maintain the yard.


New or Updated Interiors

Nothing dates a room more than old-fashioned décor. If you are planning a remodel, be sure to include some room in the budget for updated pieces and new furniture. If you can, look into painting a few rooms or even a single wall with a splash of color. You can get a company to do the more difficult rooms like the kitchen or bathrooms. Go with a more neutral color and give your space a feeling of new, cleanliness.


Invest in New Flooring

If your home’s floors are outdated or dingy, updating them is always a smart idea. Carpeting is decreasingly desirable in homes because of its negative impact on indoor air quality. It also may be stained or carry an unpleasant odor. Wood flooring is one option many homeowners choose when upgrading the floors. It has longevity that potentially could span for decades, making it a valuable addition to your home.


When you plan out a home renovation project, you must think about the cost in comparison to the benefits. Remember that some projects may qualify for tax credits, and many improvements will play a direct role in property value. Think about how these specific improvements may be applicable to your home’s needs. Also, consider how different improvements may be coveted by buyers in your market. You could potentially improve your home in any number of ways, but some types of home improvements may be particularly beneficial to you and your home.

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