By Matilda Davies

Interior design in 2019 will be about richness—rich textures, fabrics, materials, and colors. As the trend of all white backdrops and minimalist furnishings gives way to warm colors, jewel-toned fabrics, and luxe materials, we will see tastes shift toward color for the first time in several years. The Victorian and Georgian trends of traditional styles and maximalism will replace modernism for trends that paint lovers can indulge in.

Here’s what you can expect in color trends in 2019.

1. Warm neutrals will take the place of stark whites

The all-white backdrop of the last few years will fall out of vogue as warmer creams and almonds; ultra-light, barely-there greens; and honeyed browns come into style. These warmer, less striking colors will allow more flexibility in your decor and will be more soothing on the eyes and the mind. And perhaps the best part: you can also expect fewer smudges and stains on walls painted in off-white tones.

2. Primary colors will go dusty

Blues, yellows, and reds will increase in popularity, but in dusty, muted tones. These muted colors will remind you of traditional English styles and will be perfect for the lover of farmhouse and traditional styles.

Dusty primary colors are perfect for the homeowner who likes color but prefers to not draw attention. These shades are soothing and tend to recede into the background yet offer a special form of classic sophistication to any room.

3. Jewel colors will begin to pop up

Fun jewel colors like emerald, ruby, citrine, sapphire, and amethyst will pop into popularity in 2019. While these bold colors may be harder to pair with decor, their playfulness will allow you to get away with a mix of loud patterns, styles, and textures. One way to work them into existing interior decor is to just go for it!

4. Blacks will be more than black

You will find shades of black that are closer to blue or even purple in this year’s color trends. Surprisingly, very dark shades like black, off-black, and midnight blues will create a sense of space in a room. Colors like these are perfect for small powder rooms or even guest bedrooms where depth of space is an asset to the room.

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