Interior Paint Colors for Your Office Space

Colors are known to impact our mood, and can instantly make us feel happy or sad, lively or tired, inspired or unmotivated, the list goes on and on. Because of this, it is very important to choose your interior paint colors strategically and according to the mood you are trying to create, especially in spaces where you will be working and needing to focus. By picking a great color choice for your office space or commercial painting project, you are able to increase productivity, find emotional stability, and create a stress-free ambiance. 

The culture of the workplace has become a huge factor of happiness with people’s jobs, and with their overall life. Creating a workspace where employees feel happy, comfortable, and inspired helps to build a substantial foundation within the company. Color has a large impact on these factors, and can create an inviting and motivating place for everyone to collaborate and work. Here are some of the best interior paint colors to use in your office, to gain positive effects on you and your employees.


Bright white walls can be overwhelming and unpleasant, which can create a stressful work environment. If you still want your interior paint color to be light and neutral, off-white shades are a great option for your office space. Eggshell and cream are neutral colors, that are warm enough to form an inviting and calming environment for your employees. White walls also reflect light naturally, which makes the room itself look brighter and more airy. With off-white shades, you can also utilize any office decor colors you’d like to add vibrance and character, because the walls are not overpowering. 

Light Gray 

If you want to steer away from white walls completely, but are still looking for a neutral look, light grays are a great option. The color gray relates to the feeling of strength and power, which creates a positive and motivating work environment for your employees. It is important to choose a soft gray instead of a dark grey for an office space though, to maintain a workspace that is soothing while also motivating. 

Pastel Yellow 

Looking for a vibrant interior paint color to illuminate your office space? Yellow is the right choice. The color yellow has a sunny and fun feel to it, which can lead to a more positive and uplifting work area. It can help stimulate the brain, allowing more productivity to take place with your employees. The hues within the yellow can bring a boost of creativity and energy to the people in the room. If used in moderation and in a proper tone to match the size of the room, yellow can be a great interior paint option. 


If you want your walls to pop, coral is the right color for you. Beautiful, bright colors such as soft coral and peach help to boost creativity and focus in the workplace. These colors are fun and playful, which brings inspiration and livelihood to the atmosphere of the room. It can also stimulate happiness. 


If you are looking for a wall color that will bring your employees back to nature, then green is calling your name. Soft greens provide a feeling of peace, tranquility, and composure to the people in the room. Deep greens administer a very earthy feel, and bring warmth. The color green in general is also known to be more gentle on your eyes than other color options, which is beneficial in a work space where long hours are more common than not. 

Dark Blue 

A comparably safe and undramatic color option for your office is a warm blue. If you are used to neutral colors and don’t want to get too crazy, blue is a wonderful option. Deep shades of blue can also be cozy and inviting, creating a less stressful environment that still looks professional. The soothing color can also stimulate creativity and inspiration within your employees, and it will help to keep them focused throughout each day.


Interior paint colors such as brown, tan, and beige provide a natural and earthy feel to your work space, while still maintaining professionalism and respectability. Especially if it is paired with rich office furniture, brown walls can make your space feel powerful and determined to get their work done well. Brown shades are also known to increase productivity levels and to create a sense of emotional stability within your employees.