Creative Ways to Paint a Ceiling

You might have read up on various ways to paint your walls, but what about your ceiling? Are you aware that it’s alright to paint your ceiling a different color than white? You can certainly use some creativity when thinking about your ceilings and start thinking of it as the fifth wall of a room. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with colors, patterns, or textures when it comes to such. Today let’s take a look at various ways you can add some pizazz to your ceilings.

1. Go with a textured look

Adding texture to the ceiling can give it the zing you are looking for. For that elegant look, consider going with a faux marble finish. For a softer look, consider sponging. For the chic look, consider applying a crackle finish to the ceiling. Finally, for the two-tone effect, use a comb and drag it through a layer of glaze so that the base coat and the top layer both show.

2. Be bold

Adding color to a ceiling is a bold move and will surely get your ceiling noticed. Now you don’t always have to use a bold color in order to create a bold ceiling. You can use soft colors, like beige, sky blue, or lavender for a little splash. For a bold splash, go with bold colors like navy blue, yellow, or orange. It really will depend on the color of your walls and the style you are after. For a more intimate room, like a bedroom, using colors like cranberry or turquoise will suit you well. For a bright kitchen, colors like yellow and orange should fit right in.

3. Think patterns

Most people think about putting a pattern on the wall, but why not be a bit different and put a pattern on the ceiling? You don’t have to create an elaborate pattern; a simple pattern should suffice. For children’s rooms consider polka dots. For the more sophisticated rooms, consider using stencils. For abundant ideas, do a Google image search on “patterned ceilings” and sift through the pictures to see what you may like.

4. Create a scene

For those who might want some sort of scene on the ceiling, consider painting a mural. You can choose from hundreds of scenes, from a sky with some clouds and a rainbow to an aquarium scene with all sorts of fish.

Allow creativity to flow as you think about painting your ceilings. Should you need assistance, don’t hesitate to hire a professional painter to help you out. He or she may have some great ideas on how to paint your ceiling to give it just the look you are after.

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