I’m sure you’ve been told to paint your bedroom cool tones for better sleep, but have you ever wondered exactly why? Yep, there’s psychology behind painting your sleep oasis in cool color tones.


For clarification on cool color tones, think light blues, greens, and lavender. In addition, you can’t go wrong with a completely neutral palette (whites, beiges, etc). Warm colors tend to increase blood pressure and heart rate, stimulate nerves, and activate stress. Yikes. However, warm colors are amazing (and suggested!) for other rooms in the home, but your bedroom is meant to be a place simply to relax and be at peace. Can I get a hallelujah?


So, what about these blues, greens, and lavenders make them have a calming effect? Glad you asked. Color Psychology is used every day by therapists, interior designers, and many other occupations. It’s an incredible working part of our brains.




Blue palettes promote coolness, calmness, communication, and reflection. All in all, blue is soothing and serene. The opposite of red tones, blue tones help with concentration and clear thought stimulation.


Fun fact: Blue is continually the world’s favorite color!




Green shades promote harmony, refreshment, rest, restoration, and peace. By green, think lighter shades of green.


Green is actually unique from other colors in the way it strikes the eye. Once green strikes the eye, it requires no additional adjustment making it restful. The less work the better, right? Most people associate green with balance (or money – ha!). Green is an ideal color to promote peace. Perfect for your sanctuary of a bedroom.




Purple is often rich and dramatic, making it not the best color for a bedroom created for optimal sleep. However, the light shade of lavender is ideal for your sleep environment. Lavender is mentally associated with relaxation, cleanliness, and healing. The color encourages calmness and a peaceful state of mind – what more could you ask for when creating your room for the best sleep?!


In case you didn’t know, lavender in itself is a natural remedy to help with falling asleep!


Sleep deficiency is a real issue, but it doesn’t have to be! Make the change today to transform your bedroom. Ridge Painting Company is the people to call for any paint job you have coming up! Let them create the perfect sleep oasis for you. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The right room colors, a quality mattress, and a good sound machine paired with some blackout curtains just might transform your sleep life.

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