Interior Paint Colors For A Bigger and Brighter Room 

There is one thing that all homeowners can agree on – the bigger and brighter the room, the better. Small rooms can be cramped and uncomfortable, creating an unpleasant experience in the room for people residing there and visiting alike. A great way to create the illusion of space through interior painting that is not in regards to wall paint color is painting your trim, ceiling, and doors the exact same color, though sometimes this is not satisfying enough. That’s when wall paint color choices come out to play. 

Depending on additional factors and details of the room, some colors might work, while others don’t. For example, rooms that allow a lot of natural light and are south-facing need lighter colored walls, while rooms that are north-facing and don’t allow much light in require darker colored walls. When it comes to choosing an interior paint color for your smaller rooms, take these color options into consideration to make your space appear larger, more open, and more inviting.

Bright White

Bright white has maintained its popularity in households and living spaces for ages, and is still going strong today. Light reflects off of bright walls stronger and more easily than off of dark walls, which generates a more airy and cheerful space. Dark colors absorb light more than reflect it, creating a more confined feel. Bright white is the best paint color option for a room that takes in a lot of natural light. If you choose a bright white shade that does not contain any undertones, you can add more color to your room with furniture and decor. 


If a room has some natural light coming in but not a lot, an off-white interior paint color might be the best choice. There are different types of off-white paint colors, such as cream and eggshell, which will add extra warmth to the walls that are otherwise lost with a bright white color choice. The off-white color will add that warmth to the room as light flows within it, and it makes the room feel more lofty and less condensed. To add an even more open feel, paint the ceiling the same off-white color as well, which creates the illusion of a more extensive space. 

Light Taupe

For those that do not want plain white walls and are looking for a pop of color, light taupe is a great choice to acquire that color, while also making your room look larger. Light taupe gives the space a neutral look, while reflecting moderate amounts of natural light very well. This color also provides a more elegant appearance in comparison to white walls, allowing your room to look more sleek and expensive. It makes the room relaxing and cozy, yet polished as well. 

Cool Gray

To add a fresh feel that is full of ease to a room while also making it appear larger, cool gray is a great alternative to a plain white paint color. Soft gray’s are an excellent option for rooms with moderate amounts of natural light. Since there is a tone, the room will still be cozy, but will also feel more expansive than if the walls were a deeper or darker color. Common tones that are found in cool gray paint colors include purple, green, and blue, and can be chosen to the homeowners liking. Some gray colors can be dull, so be sure to choose a shade that is bright and radiant. 

Navy Blue

If there is only a little bit of natural light that flows into the room and shadows are created throughout the day, navy blue is a wonderful paint color option to create the perception of depth and expansion. Since there is not a lot of natural light reflecting off of the walls, the navy blue color will capture what light is let in, making the space seem more open and dramatic. Navy blue is a great color option for small rooms that contain a good amount of furniture or cabinets, like libraries, offices, and kitchens. 

Delicate Purple

Soft purple shades, such as lavender, create a solid balance of color within a small room. The delicate purple gives a pop of color strong enough to make a statement that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet is also quiet enough that it does not overwhelm the entire look of the room. This color is great for rooms with moderate amounts of natural light accessible, as the light reflects off of the soft purple hues nicely, making the room appear larger than it is.