How To Match Your Wall Paint Colors To Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a great addition to your home, and can create a very open and elegant space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. There are many different hardwood floor options to choose from, and there is also a large variety of interior paint colors to decide between. Once you conclude if you would rather have a natural shade or stained look to your hardwood floors, it is time to find the perfect wall paint color to compliment them. Follow this guide to know which hardwood floor colors and wall paint colors are the best combination for your rooms, and hire commercial painters like us to do the dirty work. 

Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors

Light hardwood floors brighten up a room, and create a very lively and inviting feel. They are a very popular option among homeowners and business owners with the pleasant ambiance that they form. Light hardwood floors are best paired with light and neutral wall colors that allow your hardwood floors to pop, without taking away too much attention from them. 

Painting walls a Bright white is a great option for a clean and polished look, while off-white shades are a bit calmer and softer, yet still chic. Any type of white interior wall color will also create the illusion of more space in your room. If you are not a fan of traditional white walls, gray and cream are also wonderful options. The neutral gray and cream colors will compliment your hardwood floors’ undertones nicely, and will blend in finely with your room. With light hardwood floors, it is recommended that you paint your walls and trim the same color. 

Wall Colors for Cherry Hardwood Floors

Cherry hardwood floors or floors that have red undertones add a beautiful and compelling look to your room, and look best with rich wall colors to go along with it. If you are going for a cleaner and simpler look, white is still a great option with cherry hardwood floors. If you are going for a more drastic contrast, you can choose between shades of blue, green, and red.

You can’t go wrong with white walls, especially if you are wanting to make your space feel bigger and brighter, while also giving it a minimalistic and chic look. For a dramatic pop of color, it is best to choose some shade of blue, green, or red. Blue shades, especially cool blue, add a calm and easygoing feel to a room, and has become a popular interior paint option in contemporary-styled homes. Shades of green contrast very well with cherry hardwood, especially soft green tones which help draw the attention of the room to the flooring. Red walls will compliment the hardwood floors red tones, and will bring warmth to the space. 

Wall Colors for Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors are great for rooms that take in a lot of natural light, or where there is a substantial amount of artificial light that can flow throughout it. The dark tones add elegance and sophistication to the look of the room, while also creating a cozy appeal. Prior to choosing your wall paint color, it is important to take note of the undertones within your dark hardwood floors. 

If your floors have more of a darker undertone, it is best to paint your walls a neutral color. Bright white, off-white, and light cream are great options, because they give a chic look to the space, but are not too striking, drawing attention to the beautiful dark hardwood floors. Gray is another solid option, because it includes various undertones that can be chosen to your preference based off of the undertones of your floors. If the undertones on your dark hardwood floors are lighter, it is best to do brighter colors, such as a light blue, soft gray, or subtle green. These delicate shades offer a wonderful balance between the dark floors and the lightly colored walls. 

Wall Colors for Red Oak Hardwood Floors 

Red oak hardwood floors can make your room feel warm and cozy, with its rich shade and various undertones. When your floors are initially installed, your floors may have a light tan, dark brown, or pink tone, but overtime with sunlight and humidity, it may begin to have orange and amber tones. You will need to consider the overall shade of whichever color you choose to pair with your red oak hardwood floors, so that the walls will compliment the floors presently and in the future.

Soft colors such as subtle green, light blue, or yellow match up well with red oak hardwood floors, because they compliment the red undertones within the wood, that could possibly alter overtime. These color options also help create the warm effect that is produced in your room from the red undertones in the hardwood floors.